Customer example Wind farm operator:

A key value lever for a wind farm operator is uptime. This includes timely commissioning of the wind farm as well as uptime during the operations phase. The value of uptime however changes with a volatile price for electricity and (where it applies) with the price for green certificates. Just agreeing on uptime as a percentage of time as this was previously the case left value on the table. Hence, an incentive scheme was developed sharing value with contractors based on additional uptime they generated in EUR/MWh.

operational experience with this technology. Therefore, a new pricing model is being developed with the manufacturers as well as financing providers to establish a “per kWh tariff” scheme. Instead of guaranteeing a repurchase value after 2 years, the battery manufacturer guarantees the total electricity throughput and charging cycles. A key enabler for this pricing and financing model is the fact that with each loading cycle the throughput is being captured. There is fringe benefit of this set up: The manufacturer can access this data which allows him to better understand influences on the battery life. This provides additional input how to best progress R&D activities.