Customer Cases

Leading robotics manufacturer: Development of an Automation-as-a-Service business model

Gaining from the "longtail" customer segment through a "easy to get started, easy to use" offering based on the pay-per-job principle.

Manufacturer of Intralogistics equipment: New pricing and service model for Lithium-ion batteries

Switching customers to Lithium-ion battery technology by  optimize lifetime value with the customer and share the upside of improved battery performance.

Manufacturer of Power shafts: Building a business model for connected services

Turing connectivity solutions and condition monitoring into profitable business both for customers and manufacturers.

Manufacturer of equipment for construction and mining: Monetizing retrofitted automation

Software-as-a-Service business and pricing model to capture the value from retrofitted automation solutions and build up and innovation budget.


Manufacturer of medical technology: Commercial model and pricing for the industrial App Store

Bundling 3rd party applications into an "one stop shopping" experience and splitting payments in the background.

Engine manufacturer: Move towards servitization

Identifying customer use cases for a broader offering of digitally connected products & services increasing customer ROI and decreasing customer capital commitment.

Wind park operator: performance based contract

Structuring an incentive scheme to share benefits of uptime between OEM and operator