Customer example  – Forklift Trucks with lithium-ion batteries: New lithium-ion batteries promise higher efficiency and productivity, easier handling routines and improved operational safety.  A large inter-logistics operator is hesitant to carry the full cost of transitioning to the new battery technology as it does not have sufficient operational experience with this technology. Therefore, a new pricing model is being developed with the manufacturers as well as financing providers to establish a “per kWh tariff” scheme. Instead of guaranteeing a repurchase value after 2 years, the battery manufacturer guarantees the total electricity throughput and charging cycles. A key enabler for this pricing and financing model is the fact that with each loading cycle the throughput is being captured. There is fringe benefit of this set up: The manufacturer can access this data which allows him to better understand influences on the battery life. This provides additional input how to best progress R&D activities.