Customer example Automation-as-a-Service – Robots of a market leading companies have been developed for the harsh conditions of automotive and heavy industries and built for a long lifetime of more than 10 years. Competitors have attackers have been entering the market with lower quality solutions promising break even after 130 days and captured fast growing segments such as pharma, consumer goods or electronics.  But why not turn our “disadvantage” into an advantage by offering break even from day one on by designing an “easy to get started”, “ready to use” low upfront investments solution for SMEs and an integrated bundle for more complex applications with system integrators. all on a “pay-per-job-pricing” basis.  Key for this automation-as-a-service solution is to build the financing structure into the solution bundle leveraging the long lifetime of the hardware. As an important side effect this new business model allows the manufacturer to be in constant interaction with the user and therefore to build up customer intimacy allowing for continuous optimization as well as up- and cross selling